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Your business needs relevant, useful, engaging content to thrive. Today’s customers reward companies that treat them with respect. That means teaching, informing, and entertaining them with content that improves their lives in some measurable way. Content marketing isn’t about pitching. It’s about delivering valuable information to your audience that encourages them to give you their business.

I provide the following content services, and will create pieces that complement and support your business goals.

Blogs & Web Content – starting at $75 for up to 400 words*

A blog is a fantastic tool for delivering useful, engaging content written in a conversational style your customers will love. You can use a blog to educate and entertain readers, and build relationships with them. Consistent bogging is a proven marketing strategy for attracting potential customers and getting them to trust your expertise.

Web content influences how people perceive your business. Done well, it instills trust and generates excitement around your brand. It encourages those who visit your website to see you as an expert and convinces them to give your their business.

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* Does not include images or responding to comments. Blogs and web content longer than 400 words are billed at higher rates.

Feature Articles – starting at $125 for up to 800 words*

Feature articles can deliver deeper, more detailed information to your customers and prospects. They showcase your expertise. They give you an opportunity to demonstrate that you’re an expert worth listening to.

Feature articles can teach your readers a new skill or show them how to accomplish a specific task. They can kick-start the launch of a new product or focus attention on your current stable of products and services. When you fill your website with feature articles, it becomes an irresistible resource for your audience.

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* Feature articles vary in length according to purpose and channel. If you need shorter or longer articles to fill a specific purpose, rates will be adjusted accordingly.

Newsletters – see below for rates*

Newsletter marketing delivers an impressive ROI.  It strengthens customer relationships, improves loyalty, and provides consistent exposure.

A regularly-published newsletter works tirelessly to promote your company. Send issues to customers and prospects via email. Archive them on your website. Collect articles that focus on specific topics and use them to create niche-targeted e-books. Once the content has been created, it can be leveraged in numerous ways to attract traffic, increase exposure, and stimulate sales.

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* Rates for individual newsletter articles vary by depth and length. A 300-word article starts at $70. A 750-word article starts at $150. Rates for complete newsletter issues can be discussed according to length, volume and delivery schedule.

E-books – starting at $60 per page*

E-books are a great marketing tool because of their versatility. Fill them with top-notch content and they can be used to achieve a range of business goals.

For example, create a 10-page e-book to entice your website visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Create a 20-page “manifesto” that explains your business philosophy and brand story to prospects. Create a 40-page guide to deliver in-depth how-to content that further cements your position as an authority in your niche.

Give them away on your site. Post them on Slideshare and similar platforms. Use them to gain traction in the social media channel.

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* E-book pages are 300 words in length. Rate does not include design or formatting.

Press Releases – starting at $140 per press release*

A press release is a media magnet. It puts you in front of a wide audience filled with journalists and other influencers. Done properly, a press release gives you exposure, builds links and drives traffic to your site. Cover a hot topic and it may even be picked up by media outlets, giving you greater visibility and traffic. Publish them on a regular basis and you’ll receive a consistent stream of targeted prospects as well as the trust of your audience.

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* Press releases are generally between 300 and 500 words in length. Rate does not include image selection or distrubution.

Case Studies – starting at $700 for each case study*

A case study is a customer success story. It showcases the positive results enjoyed by one of your customers after using your products or services. A case study introduces a problem that plagued your customer, and goes into detail about how your company helped him or her resolve it.

Case studies give your business credibility. They also speak directly to your prospects, many of whom are facing the same challenges as those resolved for the customers profiled in your case studies.

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* A case study usually measures between 1,500 and 2,000 words in length. Higher rates are charged for longer pieces. Rates also vary based on the number of interview sources required for the case study. 

White Papers – starting at $1,200 for each white paper*

A white paper is a promotional piece of content that sells without delivering a sales pitch. Its ability to persuade stems from its subtlety. It introduces a specific business problem and presents a facts-based case describing how your product or service solves it.

A white paper educates your reader. It uses a logical, easy-to-follow argument to position your product or service as the best solution for the problem detailed in the content.

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* A white paper usually measures between 2,000 and 2,500 words in length. However, industry conventions are relaxed, and the length can vary considerable. 

Content Marketing Strategy Consultation – $100 for a 1-hour call*

Your content marketing campaign should start with a clearly-defined plan. That plan will show you where to direct your attention. It begins with defining your goals and includes creating a framework for achieving them with various forms of content.

During the consultation, you and I will discuss the steps of your sales process. We’ll then design a content marketing strategy that reaches your prospects at every step. The strategy we create may entail using different types of content on multiple channels. Or, it might involve something as simple as a weekly blog and email newsletter. Everything is focused on helping you meet your goals.

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* The cost of the consultation is applied against any services ordered within 30 days.

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